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Generate your Own Energy, Earn & Save with Solar Panels

Finding ways to save money and be kind to the environment is always on the minds of our customers and at Fresh, we have a variety of solutions on offer that makes both of these things possible. One of them is solar power.

Solar panel installation works in your favour in a number of ways. Generating your own electricity not only saves you money, it can bring you tax free earnings too thanks to the government’s Feed in Tariffs which started in 2010. Those earnings are guaranteed for 25 years, are index linked, and represent a return of up to 12%.

Get Paid to Produce your own Electricity and save over £1,000 a year

Under the Feed in Tariffs, energy suppliers have to pay homeowners for the electricity they generate by renewable means, and that includes solar. There’s one payment for all the electricity generated, then there’s another for the surplus energy fed into the grid for others to use. And this is on top of the savings on electricity bills, which can top £1,100 per year.

To qualify for the scheme, solar pv panels and systems must be installed by a Microgeneration Scheme (MCS) certified installer, and here at Fresh, that’s precisely what we offer, backed by a full guarantee.

Solar electricity systems use the sun’s energy, drawn in by solar photovoltaic (PV) cells which are fitted to the roof of a home. But don’t worry if your roof isn’t suitable, because here at Fresh we’re all about finding solutions, and there are often other places we can site solar panels where necessary.

Solar energy powers household appliances and any not needed is directed into the National Grid. It doesn’t have to be sunny for power to be generated as solar pv panels are strong enough to draw energy, even on cloudy days.

Using the Sun to Heat your Home’s Water

Solar water heating systems work by using the sun’s heat to warm a household’s water – for free – and then a traditional heating system boosts it to hotter temperatures, or fills in when there is no solar power available. Solar water heating is said to reduce heating bills by anything from £50 to £85 per year. The Renewable Heat Incentive offers financial incentives to encourage homeowners to install these energy saving systems.

If it’s time to start earning and saving with solar, it’s time to call Fresh.

MCS accredited specialist solar panel installers form part of the Fresh team. Our free solar survey will let you know whether your property is suitable and will give you clear calculations on how much you could save and the return you can expect on your investment. We’ll also give you the lowdown on planning permission and how we make sure our solar panel designs are sympathetic to the façade of your property. To book your free survey, get in touch today.

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