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Great practical design tips for your Kensal Green Bathroom

When thinking of which color to pick for your bathroom in Kensal Green remember that sticking to an all-white bath will retain an airy bright feeling. To add a modern touch, hang a pendant and pull in sectional storage pieces. Do you desire some color? Hang an eye-popping magenta bath curtain.

If you place unique pieces of furniture to your bathroom in Kensal Green you can add your unique signature to the space. No closets or cabinets? Put an attractive display cabinet to work hanging towels and holding extra amenities like shampoo, soap, and rolls of toilet paper. Keep in mind that if you prefer a cool and revitalizing vibe, you can surround the tub with floor to ceiling tiles in hues of spearmint.

Different approaches to your bathroom design

If your bathroom in Kensal green is more of a narrow space, it will thrive on consistency and a sophisticated palette. Combining white with gray will give the space a contemporary look. Choosing large square shaped tiles will trick the eye into believing the space is greater than it actually is. Keep the inflections minimal so the room feels sleek and neat.

Bathrooms in Kensal Green require storage space for many goodies that belong in the bathroom. If you share this space, place a slim storing piece that has distinct compartments for keeping items for everyone in the household.

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