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Kingsbury Bathroom

If you are looking for an exclusive and highly original luxurious bathroom in Kingsbury, we are able to offer an expert personalized design deal. This could be a multi-phase procedure and at each and every stage will involve broad consultation with you the client.

A preliminary study will be carried out to establish all possible options and to recognize your preferred style and concepts. This develops the basis for the exploration stage aimed at creating preliminary design models for review and expansion into your dream bathroom in Kingsbury. Aesthetics, originality and functionality of design will be vital.

Professional tools to assist you

Where needed, 3-D and CAD illustrations and plans will be fixed for further consultation. Studies into material and furnishing will be commenced. Sanitary ware and tiling will be of fine quality and designated to match any budget you may have.

By the end of the planning stage all ideas will be finalized and will form the basis upon which your new toilet in Kingsbury will be crafted. Structural alterations and necessities will be recognized, such as power of joists, flooring and walls. Necessities for water-proofing and tanking to keep away from leakage and potential water damage will be set up being essential to the longevity of your installation. Attention for electrics, heating, lining, heat loss, and airing will be taken into account as well as a thorough review of hot and cold water pressure and magnitude.

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