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A new Bathroom renovation in Media Vale

When considering your new bathroom in Media vale, ideas do not come easily. Here you will find a few examples of past projects that might give you some direction as to creating the Bathroom that best serves you.

The use of ongoing horizontal lines, a large, frameless looking glass, and well-placed task illumination helps creating the illusion of a larger space in your Media Vale bathroom. A marble-clad separating wall lends modesty to the lavatory area, while creating a recessed storage opening.

All about keeping it simple

Some homeowners want to “keep things simple and do it well. A cherry and limestone bath can replace a tiny, cluttered space meant for visitor use. A curved-front vanity makes the most of usable space with place for deep drawers on double extension drawer slides.

The size of a room in Media Vale might call attention to details you might wish to conceal. A large screen can take care of that by concealing the flaw, while letting sun light through. A 1 meter framed mirror, hung parallel, spans the entire span of the room and mirrors the ladder towel rack, which adds storing without using floor space.

If your bathroom is constrained by bedrooms on either side, it might not be possible to increase free space. To make the space feel larger, white marble tile and numerous mirrored surfaces cape the room.

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