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Feng Shui Bathroom in Mill Hill

Morning run, shower, brunch, go to spa, take a break to handle the “real world”, and then back to the spa. That’s the life! Till you get there, though, you might shape quite a nice Feng Shui spa in your own bathroom in Mill Hill. You will feel glad when you are in there. It’s beautiful and tranquil. You can have your very own little Feng shui spa retreat, for mornings and nights.

Energy flow in your bathroom

In feng shui you should be very aware of the importance of the bathroom design and place. Bathrooms have a tendency to leak energy, as well as to simply gather lower vibrations, so the feng shui energy you put into re-creating an attractive bathroom will send therapeutic, calming feng shui energy all the way through your Mill Hill home.

Water is an excellent natural relaxer and feng shui cleanser, so joining it with the right feng shui elements and materials will generate a soothing space for you.

  • Have images that give you pleasure/bring good feng shui vitality.
  • Have mirrors that will offer you the pleasure of looking at yourself, as well as bring the incidence of the feng shui water element.
  • Have numerous sources of lighting, as well as candles.
  • A tray may come handy if you like to have a drink while bathing.
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