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Neasden is in Demand for New Bathrooms

We asked some of Neasden’s local contractors about which home renovation project is the most popular today. We were quite surprised that the answer was new bathrooms. It’s believed to be because of the high money return you can get for it, because bathrooms actually increase your home value in a surprisingly high amount.

What to think about before the process of renovating

You will need to patiently plan your dream bathroom and think of all details, designs, space usage, and storage devices. If you don’t know exactly what you want, your contractor will do what he thinks you want and that can be expensively disappointing. You can find ideas and more articles online and in home improvement/ Design magazines. Decide on a proper and affordable budget and even try and plan for going over budget because it happens. Find the right contractor by using references that you trust.

What to prepare for physically and emotionally

If you are planning a large scale renovation/remodeling project then you can expect an intense roller coaster. The expectations are smooth going projects, but in this type of work, we get allot of the unexpected. The inexperienced renovators can bump into many obstacles along the way, so it’s very wise to plan for going over budget. Money can fix any problem but it’s also admired and recommended by Neasden’s experts to improvise and creative with what you already have and try and save where you can, but invest in high quality materials and expert help.

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