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Tips for a Bathroom renovation in Palmers Green

It’s funny but many mistakes and problems can occur in a bathroom renovation project. For such a small space there are plenty of things that need preparation and expert planning. We asked local bathroom builders in Palmers Green for some tips on common mistakes that can easily be avoided.

Measurements are a key to success

To best make use of your bathroom space you will need to take down measurements and plan for utilizing the storage space. If you buy a new bathtub make sure to sit in it first and see if it even fits the room. If you have a large amount of towels and bathroom toiletries, than you need to plan for storage compartments and furniture. Know what you need and want ahead of time, to save yourself from headaches later.

Air water and light – Bathrooms crave quality air circulation and some natural lighting. Windows are must haves in order to keep the room less moist from steamy water. Mold and rust tend to build up when the bathroom is poorly ventilated. Bathrooms need great lights and natural sunshine. This gives the room a cleaner, elegant and graceful feeling. Also ask Palmers Green bathroom experts about wonderful heating systems for the bathroom.

Invest in high quality materials – Bathroom renovations are mostly needed in old houses, and we asked some local experts in Palmers Green about how we can save on material costs. And the popular answer was that bathrooms need the best materials because of the moisture and humidity that it absorbs. You need to be using the perfect paint, ceramic tiles, and stainless steel.

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