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Ideas for a Dreamy New Bathroom in Primrose Hill

Are you shopping for a new bathroom? Well it has become increasingly popular to renovate or remodel the old bathroom and there are countless of varieties of styles available on the market. We asked bathroom specialists in Primrose Hill about fashionable bathroom themes and got you the in-demand list for today.

Modern and contemporary

The Modern design is characterized by a clear concept, precise execution and comfortable living. A bathroom under this type of inspiration can be perceived as a more futuristic looking space with luxurious aspects. The bathroom should convey a mood of well-being for you and your family. Ask Primrose Hill bathroom experts to show you modernly designed bathrooms to see if it feels right for you.

Oceanic – The deep blue sea is a more classic type of bathroom style. Flooring, walls and furniture should remain lightly colored as well as beach inspired colors. Sea props and decorations will smooth down the edges and conceal well in a themed bathroom such as this. Ocean is known to give one soothing and calming feelings, as well as touch of freedom and eternity. You can go online and see the Primrose Hill’s latest oceanic bathroom made in the area.

Abstract – The word abstract comes from the art world and it defines paintings with a bold use of color and patterns. An abstract interior of a bathroom would be displayed as a funky game between the lights and shadows in the space. There can be mixture of Gloss and Matt coloring defining the different textures when they meet together. This style lets you play with your materials and display abstract art paintings or ceramic tiles.

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