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New Bathrooms in Regent Park – Interior Design tips

It’s fun and exciting to think about purchasing a new bathroom. You will need to make some important decisions so be prepared to bring out the designer in you. We asked some of Regents Park renovation experts to give us some pointers for a bathroom project.

Physical and spiritual needs

Your bathroom should be comfortable and relaxing so choose smooth and elegant fixtures. Try not to over crowd the space that you have available because bathrooms need an open feeling and not a clustery kind.

Select durable flooring and wall materials

Regents Park bathroom experts advise using high quality water resistant materials for your project. Bathrooms tend to spend a long time being moist and wet. Ceramic, marble and stone tiles are excellent materials and are highly recommended.

Think about your options

It may look simple to move the sink and toilet around but that will require plumbing work. It can also be pretty expensive but that is why it’s called renovating. You can also enlarge your space by breaking down some walls. Think about what you really need and how to get it done simply and inexpensively.

Regents Park expert help

For bathroom ideas you can find endless possibilities online or in home décor magazines and literature. For more accurate and up to date options ask your local Regents Park professionals to show you some classic or crazy options for your bathroom.

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