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Hendon Home Renovation Ideas

Renovating your entire home in Hendon can be expensive and time consuming, but this isn’t a must. Choosing minor scale projects can make a magnificent look in less time.

Update Your Flooring

Consider the function of your refurbished rooms when picking flooring for the space: a children’s room will profit from a soft floor covered with play mats or carpet, for example, while hardwood or laminate flooring will add warmness to living areas.

Update Your Lighting

Take into consideration energy-efficient dimmers and lower halogen lights around your Hendon house. Recessed lighting is widely used and an effective fixture on the market. Together with ambient lighting, recessed lights brighten up a room without using up floor space. Though, recessed or pot light fixtures require more space for installation overhead. Insist on having your contractor or electrician check that you have sufficient height above the ceiling to house the can part of the fixture (the slighter the can, the more costly the fixture).

Install New Trim and Moldings

Shoot up some character into your new basement living area in Hendon by adding architectural fine points such as wainscoting, crown molding and baseboards. Consider this for living and dining rooms, painted in bright colors to create a grand, luxurious studio feel. Built-in storage constantly looks classy, saves room and can further add to the function of the spaces in your Hendon home. Always make an effort to plan for the maximum amount of storing space possible – one can simply never have enough.

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