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Picking a color palette for your Highgate Bedroom

Creating a monochromatic color system can certainly result in a calming, tranquil space. Your Highgate renovation will look great if you start out with similar tones, and integrate texture and color. If the space is unified in color but interesting with texture, it will keep it from being too boring. Installing bead board wainscoting in a darker hue, in contrast to a cream wall color is sure to make your color scheme more uniform, but add additional texture and interest to the room. To complete this color scheming, choose window treatments with light cream tone-on-tone decorations, either blinds or full-length screens, whichever will fit the ceiling and window heights. Neutral or honey-colored fabric carpets would be a perfect supplement to your walls. Introducing a divergent color to a monochromatic scheme might often add interest to the space. Accessorizing with bold, dark-wood framed mirrors or wood picture frames will increase warmth to a neutral space. Finish off with white towels and mats for your bathroom and don’t forget fresh flowers — a flawless touch to any Highgate room.

A few words about Highgate

Highgate has for long been a famed neighborhood. It has been home to celebrities for centuries: Dickens had James Steerforth reside there in ‘David Copperfield’. There’s also the well-known Highgate Cemetery, where personas like Karl Marx and Douglas Adams are buried. Anyway, you can be sure that your home will look great after our thorough renovation.

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