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Kensington loft renovation

Many property holders in Kensington are choosing to change their loft space into extra living space and to make the most of the equity in their house, but how can one know if his home is fit for a loft conversion in Kensington, and how do you go about maximizing the space available? Our nifty guide to loft renovations gives you the necessary information you must have to make the right decisions.

Is my property fit for a conversion?

There are several key issues you should think through to decide whether your loft is fit for a conversion in Kensington. Firstly, you must measure the stature of the roof space. You will need about 2.3 meter’s (approximately 7ft 6in) to let sufficient headroom. If the roof is steeper, that’s great – a steeper roof will let for more headroom. If you don’t have sufficient headroom in the current space it might be possible to raise the roof or ceiling, even though this is obviously subject to development consent and will raise the cost of the renovation. You’ll also be required to consider windows. The degree to which you make any alterations to the exterior of the property in terms of appearance and feel, extensions to the present roof line, and the area in which you live can have an influence on planning necessities. A professional will be able to direct you on these matters.

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