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Kings cross loft conversion

Should I consult an architect?
You will see the best outcomes by employing an architect and/or a structural engineer to draw up the design, and by utilizing a builder with experience in loft conversions in Kings Cross. The architect will generally draw up plans for the design of the building and the structural engineer will deal with scientific and mathematical aspects of making sure the building is structurally complete. Architects and structural engineers frequently work together within the same association or may commission work from each other. Look for skilled and proficient experts, and when it comes to picking your builder, check that they are listed with a professional association such as the Federation of Master Builders which calls for strict principles of quality and finest practice.

Working with professionals

Professional companies will also have the expertise vital to plan the most efficient use of the restricted space in your Kings Cross renovation, taking into consideration key organizational features such as roof joists and load-bearing walls together with the best methods to access; another pro is that they will have the skill to fit specialist window types and recognize the complexities of plumbing and electric wiring in roof spaces. We recommend contacting an expert early on in the process of a Kings Cross renovation as they should be able to clearly understand the options in terms of the possibility of the project, use of space and access preparations before you make any concrete decisions.

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