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Renovations with 3 step Finance Guide

Consulted by: Notting Hill’s Local Professionals
Money spending is a big part of renovations, especially for the inexperienced. It’s important to have a finance plan and keep track of all money transactions. Otherwise you will be living with never-ending crucial expenses. We asked some of Notting Hill’s experts to help us with some money saving tips:

The big “B” (budget)

A budget for a home “improvement” project is where you should get started. Planning this part ahead of time is of the essence. You have to account for every aspect of the project and estimating the total cost. Popular Notting Hill renovation projects are: Kitchens, bathrooms and with more and more people working from home, plenty of home office projects. It’s easy to find prices and estimates if you know exactly what you want. You can ask neighbors, family and friends. You can find price online and in home improvement magazines.

Saving and spending

It’s great to be creative where you can save some money. It’s recommended to bring furniture back to life rather than buying brand new ones to fill the space. It fits perfectly in your home anyhow, it’s more “green” to have it brought to life and you can save a fortune. If there are any “do it yourself” project that you know for sure that you can perform, and you have all the tools and materials for then go for it. It will save the labor costs for sure and you will know it’s reliable because you put the effort in it. Do not attempt to work on something you have no experience in. It might just end up being fixed by an expert and costing you a lot more than you planned.

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