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Home remodeling projects in Tottenham – Do it Right From the Start

While many Tottenham residents are ready to begin remodeling projects this year, making mistakes can end up costing a fortune. Our local experts gave us tips on what we can avoid.

Know what you want ahead of time

Don’t enter to a remodeling/ renovation project without knowing exactly what you wish to have done. Not knowing and not explaining it correctly to your contractor, can lead to you contractor preforming what he thinks you want and that can be disastrous. Get a scrapbook or computer file together with all your ideas and even add photos and drawings. You can look up for inspiration and ideas online or in home design magazines and books.

Don’t hire the first professional you meet

Remember that contractors are experienced and professional sellers. They can talk the talk but can they walk the walk. They may seem nice and they may seem to know exactly what they are talking about but it’s not that easy to convince you because you are a smart and responsible. You can contact the references and see previous work. Is he licensed and insured? Has anyone complained about their work? Do your homework, ask the right questions and keep your excitement in check.

The lowest bid is irresistible

We know you want to pay less but that is inviting the trouble in through the door. Get at least 4 bids from Tottenham experts for your remodeling project. We recommend you throw the cheapest one away because that means cheap materials, poor job executions, time consuming headaches, cheap work force and untrusted quality.

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