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Home Refurbishment Tips: Getting started

All great house refurbishment projects start with a clever and well thought out plan. Each project is like a puzzle with many pieces that need to be placed together. Some projects can end before they even begin, so it’s essential to at least take care of the important details at the start of a project.

Going through the Approval Process

Residents in West Hampstead will need to get the local council approval for all structural work, additions and extensions. This process can take 3-6 months so you will need to plan your refurbishment project in advance and maintain patience for a long time. Make sure everything is legal with your project and that you possess all the relevant permits necessary to carry on with your refurbishment project.

Find the right builder and architect in West Hampstead

It takes time to find the right professionals for you project. Patience is the key here because you may have to wait for the best pro’s which are usually booked for a long time. If you find someone that you trust then it’s worth the wait. Ask to see previous projects, and talk to previous customers. Look over the contract that you will need to sign and make sure everything is in order.

Plan to go over budget

Most if not all large refurbishment projects end up going over budget. It’s simply impossible to calculate a cost of a large scale project. With smaller renovations it’s easier to stay within the budget boundaries. To stay out of money trouble you should take the original budget and add an emergency budget if anything goes wrong. With this safety net you can be less stressed when a problem comes along.

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