Langland Gardens


Luxurious refurbishment for sleek city penthouse

A penthouse apartment located just off Finchley Road, near Hampstead, this property in Langland Gardens was all set to be sold – and required renovation to maximise value and meet the demands of the market.

A complete refurbishment and re-design of the principal living spaces commenced – and the owner only wished he’d done it sooner…



Stripping the property right back to its bricks, our in-house architect and designer was able to develop an inviting open-plan living area, far removed from the narrow, tucked-away kitchen that came before.

We also created smart and stylish bedrooms complete with designer fixtures and fittings, and redeveloped an elegant, modern decking area outside to enhance the appeal of the luxurious penthouse lifestyle.

The result? A vastly increased sale price – and a property as proud as its new owner