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Are you in the market for a new home remodeling project? We gathered a list of tips that can help you overcome obstacles along the way. We asked local New Southgate contactors and expert builders for help in solving common problems with refurbishment projects.
Be as specific as you can be
Ideas for house refurbishment projects in New Southgate can be found online and in home design magazines, books or pamphlets. Gather information and outlines of what you want to have done. Work with a contractor that understands your idea, wants and needs. Have a written contract that fully summons the entire project. Be specific and definitive about your expectations. Pay attention to the contacts details and make sure you understand the consequences of possible future actions.
Don’t jump on the lowest bid and set a payment schedule
Get at least 4-5 bids from New Southgate contractors and try not to choose the lowest one. Lowest bid usually means low quality work, and it might be tempting but dangerous. Set a planned payment schedule with your contractor. Payment dates should correspond with the periodic time table of the completed segments of the project. Add the payment schedule to the contract and only sign if it is agreeable. Also add the amount you need to pay upfront in the beginning of the project. This amount should not be over 30% of the total amount for the project.




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