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What materials should I use in my Kentish Town bathroom renovation?

Because the arrangement and storing options in your Kentish Town Bathroom are pretty typical, picking exciting materials is the key for serving your bathroom attitude. Tile offers an extensive variety of colors and styles, which is why it is a widespread flooring choice, while mosaic tiles are often used in showers. The plaster can be difficult to clean though, so marble or granite might be better shower choices. Similarly to kitchens, implementing a fun tile backsplash or countertop color might help liven up an otherwise grey space. And finally, but still quite important, don’t forget the hardware! Cabinets, shower heads and nozzles come in diverse finishes, which allows you to insert bits and pieces of character.

Don’t purchase your own materials
It looks like a clear cut way to save money — a constructor is going to mark up the cost of materials and pass that additional cost on to you. That’s might be true, but the builder may get a lower price than you to begin with, so that even after markup, you’ll spend the same amount of money on your Kentish Town bathroom renovation.

Kentish town was historically a town along the Fleet River, which in present day runs underground. It is a great part of London to live in. A few television shows and films (Spaced, About a Boy…) where filmed on location in Kentish town.




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