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Muswell Hill Bathroom refurbishment in the Feng Shui Tradition

In many classic Feng Shui books you will read that bathrooms are negative spaces that should be sealed off and overlooked. This is due to the fact that bathrooms used to be rather funky places- like out-houses, nothing like the beautiful spa-like bathroom design we can enjoy today in Muswell Hill. We believe that we ought to feel wonderful about every room in our home and style them inspiring places to be. Negative feelings about any part of your house don’t serve anyone.

Bathrooms – a new area in design
One of the explanations why bathrooms have developed such a bad rap is since chi (energy) is similar to water which drifts down and out pipes and drains. The aim of Feng Shui is to summon into our front door lively chi and encourage it to flow evenly around the home. Drainage systems and openings are areas where the chi can outflow — and bathrooms in Muswell Hill have lots of them.

Atmosphere can be created by connecting a dimmer switch so you can crank up the light whenever you are getting ready for the day and dim it whenever you want to unwind and cherish yourself. Have a way to play comforting music (that is of course, powered in a harmless manner), and bring in candles to your Musewell Hill Bathroom to treat yourself to a spa evening at least one time a week. Then put on your music and just chill!




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