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Holloway Bathroom Refurbishment

If your bathroom in Holloway needs an intervention of a good plumber straightaway or if you need to retile it, or if your kitchen is giving you a hard time, then it’s great that you got here! It makes no difference if what you bear in mind is just a little upgrade to your interiors or if you are bold enough to do a complete overhaul of your home, in all these cases we might be able to provide you a tailored solution for your Bathroom refurbishment in Holloway!

Whether you are thinking of a new tub or a total refurbishment of your bathroom, we can think of a solution to fit your needs.

Living in Holloway – Living in style
Holloway is a metropolitan area in the London Borough of Islington located 3.8 miles (6.1 km) north of Charing Cross and tracks for the most part, the line of the Holloway Road (A1 road). At the midpoint of Holloway is the well-known Nag’s Head area. It is home to a very diverse population and is one of the most densely inhabited areas of London. There are also numerous luxury development projects taking place in the large area between the Arsenal stadium development and Caledonian Road. Besides that, Islington London Borough Council has commissioned many improvement projects for the Nag’s Head region over the next decade. In addition, it is also home to the large, extensive Andover housing estate. Holloway is also home to many artists and media people, including many journalists, writers and film and television professionals.




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