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Bathroom Renovation in Pimlico – Some of the Do's and Don'ts

It feels good to finally realize how renovating your bathroom can have an impact on your life. Before the mess begins, you will need to some homework in order to be prepared for the big project. The process of getting a new bathroom can be long and difficult. You should be aware of common mistakes made by previous bathroom renovators in Pimlico and learn how to move things along smoothly.

First: Get an Idea
There are many ways that your bathroom can look like and you are going to have to decide on one design style and one idea, out of the endless variety of possibilities. You can fit your design to the rest of the house or pick a new theme all together just for the rest room. We talked to local Pimlico bathroom experts that recommended searching for themes and styles online or in home design magazines.

Next: Decide on a budget
It’s great to know your limits when these types of projects start to cost you money. It’s easy to get carried away because renovations are expensive. Experts say that your budget will skyrocket if you move your plumbing around. It might look easy to move the sink and toilet on the surface but down under there can be very expensive work to be done. If you spend less on moving fixated objects, you can spend more on a stylish mirrors or buying new hardware such as sleek faucet handles and stainless steel shower heads etc. There are more things to be learned when renovating a bathroom so keep reading articles and tips.




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