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“Hello Barak,

I would also take this opportunity to thank you for the great work you and your guys did – again – in our house.

Honestly I’ve been impressed ….in terms of quality, efficiency, …this was exactly what we wanted, all our requirements have been taken into account.

Also I would like to tell you that we have highly appreciated the professionalism and kindness of your team (especially the person who was here most of the time) and your flexibility regarding the deliveries issues we had with Ikea.

So in a few words, many thanks again, please let us know if we can post somewhere our feedback on your work, and feel free to give our contacts to a potential customer who will request references.
We will happy to tell them how satisfied we are (for the 2nd time) about the overall service provided by your company.

Thank you Barak;”

Best regards,

Mehdi Fedhila

“Hello Barak,
We wanted to thank you for the great job your team has completed at our place.
We are really happy with the new kitchen and would like to congratulate for the level of quality, management of the time (!!) and thank you overall for your flexibility and professionalism.
We would certainly strongly recommend Fresh Home and we hope to see you soon to review together the great results.”
Best Regards,

Hélène Parisot

“I moved my family to lovely Hampstead Village for its beautiful Heath and historic intellectual atmosphere. I found a lovely home and wanted it decorated to suit my tastes, so I asked my new neighbor Vladimir if he could advise me how to find some good workers to help me, and he told me that Fresh Home Builders had first quality laborers who were well treated. They sent happy and skilled workers who were able to artfully paint and help decorate our spacious house. My son Leon wanted to help, so the workers let him keep our cat Iskra out of mischief. We were quite proud of the workers and made certain that they were well compensated for their diligent and skilled labor.”

William Smith

“When my daughter Eva complained about the leak under my kitchen sink, I realized it was time to call a plumber. Having moved to the UK recently from the States, I didn’t know anything about the local plumbers. I asked my neighbors and a few friends, and they all sent me to Fresh Home. I rang them up and found that they were friendly and they sent someone right away.

When the plumber arrived, Eva welcomed him and even tried to help him. He promptly found that hot water pipe had a small leak. The pipe was replaced rapidly and no mess left.”


“I have lived in London for about 59 years, which is my entire life. My house, I must say, is probably older than I am, which would explain the leaking room. I kept having to put buckets under the holes every time it rained. Finally, I opened up the phone book and found Fresh Home Builders – they looked like a pretty good company from what I could see. The workers who came out and repaired my roof were kind and respectful. The job was complete in less than three days. Now, when it rains, I don’t have to worry about my room leaking.”

Isaac Garner

“… we received excellent service from Fresh Home when they worked at our house … During this period any queries we had were answered in a timely manner and as a result we had no problems with any of the other contractors. I would recommend Fresh Home mainly due to the level of service we received.”

Michael Hayworth